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Why Use Genie To Convert Clothes For Cash?

Don't Get The Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes!

Unlike mobile phones or gold, clothing is much more difficult to value due to factors such as age, weight, style, brand, fashion, wear and tear. At we do everything possible to make the valuation of your unwanted clothing a much clearer & more transparent process. Donating unwanted clothes for charity is the best and an easy way to help needy people.

The following are great reasons why you should use to earn cash for clothes quickly and simply from recycling your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories:

Great Online Prices

We pay the best prices for your unwanted clothing! 50p per kilogram for all types of unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories.

92% Of People Having Clothing In Our wardrobes We Just Don't Wear

We ALL have clothing that doesn't fit any more, maybe the fashion has changed or simply want rid of to make room for some new clothing. Unwanted clothing is a commodity that we can cash in on and should not waste by just putting to landfill!

Payments Processed Within 24 hours

We pay you FAST! Payments processed within 24 hours from valuating your recycled clothing either by BACS, Paypal or cheque.

One Pack Does It

Our specific Genie Collection Sacks hold at least 30kg of clothing, more than any of our competitors. The more unwanted clothing you can recycle the more CASH you earn!

Free UK Collection

A discreet, insured, trackable and FREE clothes collection service from anywhere in the UK, using our appointed National Couriers to collect from your doorstep.

Great Collection Options

Convenient collection days, on a date that suits you with our appointed National Couriers. For peace of mind, all National Courier staff wear uniforms and vehicles are branded. Upon collection of your unwanted clothing you will be able to track the status of your sack using your tracking number that was provided in your collection confirmation email.

Environmentally Friendly is great for you, but by helping to reduce the environmental impact of throwing out unwanted clothes it is even better for the world we live in.

NO Time Restrictions

We have NO time restrictions on how fast you need to return your unwanted clothes back to our processing facility using our specific Genie Collection Sack.

Stop the Thieving

Around 15% of all charity bags left outside properties are stolen for an underground rag trade that's worth £2.5million a year. Now even clothing bins are being targeted and stolen from! We ONLY use National Couriers to collect our clothing sacks straight from your door step!

Help If You Need It

A dedicated Customer Support Team available online or in person by calling 08432 897 442 to help with any enquires.

UK Rated Clothes Collection Site

We value our customer's input and we use to allow our customers to provide independent feedback about the services and payments we provide.


Recycling Unwanted Clothing & Helping The Environment is a family run business that has over 80 years experience trading in the used clothing industry. We are a major exporter of high quality, recycled, second hand UK clothing to developing populations such as Eastern Europe and Africa. is a great website that allows you to recycle your unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories into cash for FREE from anywhere in the UK (excludes Northern Ireland).

Our website was designed and developed to make the process of earning cash from recycling your unwanted clothing a more discreet, simpler, and trustworthy experience for customers, whilst providing a truly nationwide collection service using National Couriers.

1.5 million tonnes of unwanted, second hand clothing and textiles is sent to landfill every year, that equates to each person throwing away 30kg of unwanted clothing per year!

By using and recycling your unwanted clothing, footwear and accessories you are not only earning some extra cash 4 clothes or donating unwanted clothes to charity, but you are also helping reduce the environmental impact of throwing out unwanted clothes, which includes, non-decomposition, increased landfill space and the production of methane gas.


A message from our Director: Richard Wood

Having enjoyed over 80 years of trade in wool and specialty natural fibers, the 3rd generation of the Wood family now embarks on expanding into the online used clothing industry.

A new expansive form of business is being established for the 4th generation of Wood family members to expand and progress in this most modern of British traditions.

Genie Recycling provides a foothold into online purchasing to compliment the ethics of honesty and hard work the company has promoted over the years.

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