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: Please note: Genie is closed from 30th October until 06th November 2017......we apologise for any inconvenience .......................... Please ensure that all clothing is in a clean & wearable condition as per the What Genie Buys page!   New Genie website coming soon.

Our Specific Genie Collection Sacks


1. Two tie wraps to seal the Genie Collection Sacks for delivery.

2. A welcome letter that includes all the information you need.

3. Two FREE, insured and trackable Genie Collection Sacks.

Our specific Genie Collection Packs can hold +30kgs (in both sacks in total) of textiles, the equivalent to around 8 black bin bags. (Please note depending on our clothing buyers at the time the sack type can differ!).

Our Genie Collection Sacks do not rip or puncture when being moved around and hold more than any of our competitors. The more unwanted clothing you can recycle the more CASH you earn!... so why not get friends and family involved.

The Genie Collection Pack only needs to weigh a minimum of 10kgs in total or more to be processed for PAYMENT. We have no time constraints on the return of your sacks and the unwanted clothing needs only to be clean, wearable and undamaged, but ironing and folding is unnecessary! Please see our "What Genie Buys" page for more information about the clothing we DO and DON'T accept.


1. Place all your unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories into the Genie Collection Sacks.

2. Enclose your welcome letter (that states your order reference number) provided with your Genie Recycling Pack, into the TOP of the sacks (remember to tear off the bottom section of your welcome letter and place this at the top of your second sack), to allow ourselves to identify you as the owner of the clothing.

3. Finally, using the tie wraps provided, securely fasten and seal the top of your Genie Collection Sacks for collection.



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