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Action For Kids Clothes Collection Charity No: 1068841

Action for Kids logo.
At Action For Kids we work with 100s of children and young people each year, with a whole range of physical and learning disabilities. We see them experience huge barriers to their independence. The right equipment is rarely available from the NHS. Low self-esteem and aspiration and poor expectation from others are the norm and a lack of choice and chronic shortage of opportunity is commonplace. At Action For Kids we recognise and acknowledge individual potential and we provide a range of programmes to address these hurdles, improve mobility and develop disabled children and young people’s skills and prospects to enable them to achieve a better quality of life, access new opportunities and achieve success.

We are raising funds to provide life-changing specialist mobility equipment

Last year we raised the funds to provide 40 disabled children and young people all around the UK with vital and life-changing equipment. Appropriate and bespoke wheelchairs, walkers and trikes will have an immediate and far-reaching impact on the health, wellbeing and independence of the child or young person. Action For Kids also provides a vital maintenance programme, covering all costs for equipment repairs, servicing and adaptations.

 Levi & Lucas, with their adapted equipment, provided by Action For Kids supporters.
Levi and Lucas are 9-year old twins with autism, epilepsy and a number of health issues that impair their mobility. Last year thanks to our supporters we were able to provide a very special adapted tandem trike system. Levi and Lucas are very sensory children who love the experience of movement and the feel of a breeze moving their hair but they spend most of their time being pushed around in large buggies. Their family applied to Action For Kids telling us that nobody else was able to help and now this equipment has had a dramatic impact on their lives as a family.
They are out and about most days in any weather, experiencing a whole new sense of freedom and fun while getting some therapy on their leg muscles. They no longer require a taxi to school as they cycle there every day.

Make sure you keep an eye on this page ( and the Action For Kids Facebook page & Twitter feed for regular updates on the fundraising. And remember, encourage others to get involved by posting the above link on your Facebook or Twitter page! Read on for more information.

How do I get involved?

1) Request your FREE collection pack at

Simply fill out the form on the right hand side of the page. Please make sure that you select the 'Donate to Action For Kids' box when asked for your payment method at the bottom of the form, to ensure your donation can be processed quickly and effectively.

Once requested, your Genie Recycling Pack will be posted to you. Each collection pack includes:

  1. Two free, branded, insured and trackable Genie Recycling Sacks
  2. Two tie wraps to seal the collection sacks for delivery
  3. A welcome letter that will include all the information you need to help you fill your Genie Recycling Sacks.

2) Fill your recycling sacks

Dig out all your unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories. Here at we are happy to receive any new or used clothes, shoes and footwear which meet the criteria listed on our What Genie Buys page. Remember the recycling packs hold up to 30kg+ and must be a minimum of 10kgs in total weight or more to be processed, so why not get friends and family involved as well!

PLEASE NOTE: If you believe you require more than one recycling pack please contact a member of the Support Team on 08432 897 442 between 10am-4pm Monday - Friday. Please make sure your collection pack has been delivered prior to requesting a National Courier collection!

3) Request your free collection from anywhere in the UK

To arrange your FREE National Courier collection for a day that suits you, please request a collection directly from the website click here.

4) A big thank you!

We will make sure you know how much your donation has helped Action For Kids by sending you an email saying how much you personally raised towards this great cause.

What can I send?

We recycle and accept ALL brands, types and designs of clean (ironing and folding is unnecessary) undamaged clothing, footwear and accessories from Supermarket to designer and pay 50p per kilogram.

As the clothing we process is re-sold as second hand clothing, there are unfortunately certain items we cannot accept and need to make sure that all items collected are of a certain condition. Please see our What Genie Buys page for more information on the types of things we accept.

How is my donation calculated?

All customers who donate clothes to the Mount Batten charity will earn 50p per kilogram for their unwanted clothes, footwear and accessories. That means for every full Genie Recycling Pack collected, up to £15.00 or more and the donation will go straight to helping more people.

Please note – payment is dependent on the items meeting the criteria listed on our What Genie Buys page, so to ensure your donation is put to the best use, please make sure you follow the guidelines.

Where does my donation go?

Action For Kids are raising funds to provide life-changing specialist mobility equipment for children.

For more information visit our website at


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