To receive a FREE UK collection you MUST firstly request our FREE Genie Recycling Pack via our website. We can only collect, track, insure and process clothing delivered in our specific sacks. We DO NOT accept black bin liners, boxes or carrier bags!

To request a collection:

WARNING: Please ensure that clothing is only handed over to an APC Overnight National Courier driver. If in doubt, ask for Identification or call the customer support team!

Just fill in the details below to request your FREE UK collection with our appointed National Couriers. Upon submission you will receive an automated email of the date you have chosen for collection.

Please check for the automated email in BOTH your inbox and spam folder and check that all the details are correct. A confirmation of collection email will then be provided 1-3 DAYS PRIOR to the chosen collection date, along with your Courier Tracking number.

If you DO NOT receive any form of confirmation email please confirm your collection by contacting our Customer Support Teambetween 3:30pm and 4pm one business day prior to your collection date.

Your order reference number can be found on either your welcome letter or on any confirmation email. If you cannot find your order reference number, please contact the Customer Support Team.

Collections are available Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) and take place at any point between the hours of 8.00am - 6.00pm daily, using a next day delivery service.

IMPORTANT: In order to provide a secure, trackable and insured collection, each Genie Recycling Pack (eachpack contains two sacks) MUST be requested for collection using its own unique order reference number. Please DO NOT hand over multiple packs to couriers WITHOUT informing the Customer Support Team prior to the collection taking place.

Please fill in all details accurately otherwise your collection request may not be processed.

If you intend to leave your pack (two sacks) outside for the courier to collect! Good choices include;

  1. Inside porch
  2. garage/shed
  3. A clean dustbin - our favourite!

IMPORTANT: You are required by our appointed National Courier (due to refuse and charity collection sacks also being routinely left outside premises for collection) to leave a clear note on your main door for the courier that includes:

  1. Your full name
  2. What the courier is collecting (clear clothes collection sacks)
  3. Where the sacks are, for example, “Dear courier the sacks for collection are behind the bin.” Even if it’s obvious you MUST state where the sacks are!

The note acts as authorization for the courier to accept collection of the clothes sack from you without the need for a signature, or you to be home waiting! Please note, the couriers are employees of the appointed National Courier, rather than of and therefore require specific collection instructions (the note on your front door) regarding your clothes sacks!

Please note: leaving your sacks outside for collection is at your own discretion. We do not take any responsibility for sacks left outside to be collected.

Please remember to include your welcome letter (includes your reference no.) within your sealed sack. Please note, courier will not collect unsecured sacks! Upon collection, the courier will then label your sacks with your unique tracking no. which was emailed to you prior to the collection day and which can then be tracked by yourself on our “track your bag” page.