Recycling your clothing with has a number of environmental benefits as well as earning you a bit of extra cash to spend.

Every year in the U.K. thousands of people throw out perfectly good clothing, footwear and accessories without a thought as to its impact on the environment. Below we will take a look at just some of the environmental benefits of recycling your unwanted clothing.

Methane gas reduction

The clothing itself and the polythene bags its usually thrown away in are often left to rot away in landfill sites with the potential to produce quantities of methane gas which harms the atmosphere.

Stop non-decomposition

Not all items of unwanted clothing are able to decompose naturally and these can be harmful in a number of different ways depending on the material or metal used in them.

Having things like belts, bags and items with zips lying around in the open can also be very harmful for wildlife and unfortunately not everyone disposes of their unwanted clothing in the correct way.

Energy reduction

The more clothes that get recycled, the less energy is needed to manufacture new clothing. All our clothing goes to Eastern European or developing countries where it can be put to good use. Surely your unwanted clothing, footwear and accessories are better off being used by someone who really needs them rather than polluting the environment in this country? is the perfect place to donate unwanted clothes for charity.

Preserve resources

There are all sorts of materials and metals used in the manufacture of clothing, footwear and accessories. Our natural resources aren’t infinite and by recycling your unwanted clothes, you can help preserve these valuable resources for future generations.

If these four reasons aren’t enough on their own to convince you to recycle your unwanted clothing, then by using our service you’ll also be helping yourself by earning some extra cash for clothes.