The what Genie buys list was last updated on the 30/03/15

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the unwanted clothing we process is re-sold as second hand clothing, we CANNOT accept certain textile items for resale, this includes;

  • Clothing from charity or cash for clothes shops
  • Clothing from jumble sales / car boot sales
  • Work uniforms
  • Home made knit wear
  • Personalised screen printed / embroidered clothing (hen t-shirts)
  • Sports uniforms (Judo suits)
  • School uniforms
  • House clearance items
  • Multiple trade / trade stock items
  • Recycling packs weighing less than 10kgs in total

Currently we do not accept

We DO NOT accept clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains (see below). Certain tears, holes and/or rips ‘may’ be accepted if they are specifically part of the original manufacturing process. Also items that are originally sold as a pair, such as footwear and gloves MUST be sent as a pair.

If you are in any doubt that your second hand clothing may NOT BE acceptable please email a member of our Customer Support Team or call 08432 897 442.

Currently we do accept

Take a good look in your wardrobe, you know, the clothing that doesn’t fit any more, maybe the fashion has changed or simply you just want rid to make room for some new clothing, while at the same time earning a little extra CASH 4 CLOTHES. Contact us and earn cash 4 clothes and get rid of unwanted clothes.

We recycle clothing and pay CASH for Clothes.  ALL brands, types and designs of clean (ironing and folding is unnecessary) clean & undamaged clothing, footwear and accessories from Supermarket to designer are accepted and pays 50p per kilogram. Which means you can earn £18.00* (*based on acceptable clothing weight at 50p per kilo) or more per Genie Collection Pack!

Remember, we DO NOT accept unwanted clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains. Please see our currently We DO NOT accept page above for more information!

We guarantee no hidden pricing options or misleading pricing tactics! Remember “we pay for what we weigh!” This includes…