The what Genie buys list was last updated on the 30/03/15

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the unwanted clothing we process is re-sold as second hand clothing, we CANNOT accept certain textile items for resale, this includes;

  • Clothing from charity or cash for clothes shops
  • Clothing from jumble sales / car boot sales
  • Work uniforms
  • Home made knit wear
  • Personalised screen printed / embroidered clothing (hen t-shirts)
  • Sports uniforms (Judo suits)
  • School uniforms
  • House clearance items
  • Multiple trade / trade stock items
  • Recycling packs weighing less than 10kgs in total

Currently we do not accept

We DO NOT accept clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains (see below). Certain tears, holes and/or rips ‘may’ be accepted if they are specifically part of the original manufacturing process. Also items that are originally sold as a pair, such as footwear and gloves MUST be sent as a pair.

If you are in any doubt that your second hand clothing may NOT BE acceptable please email a member of our Customer Support Team or call 08432 897 442.

Currently we do accept

Take a good look in your wardrobe, you know, the clothing that doesn’t fit any more, maybe the fashion has changed or simply you just want rid to make room for some new clothing, while at the same time earning a little extra CASH 4 CLOTHES. Contact us and earn cash 4 clothes and get rid of unwanted clothes.

We recycle clothing and pay CASH for Clothes.  ALL brands, types and designs of clean (ironing and folding is unnecessary) clean & undamaged clothing, footwear and accessories from Supermarket to designer are accepted and pays 50p per kilogram. Which means you can earn £18.00* (*based on acceptable clothing weight at 50p per kilo) or more per Genie Collection Pack!

Remember, we DO NOT accept unwanted clothing, footwear or accessories that show any signs of damage or stains. Please see our currently We DO NOT accept page above for more information!

We guarantee no hidden pricing options or misleading pricing tactics! Remember “we pay for what we weigh!” This includes…

5 Reasons why you Should Recycle Clothes for Cash

Ever hesitated for a minute when throwing out a bag of unwanted clothes and wondered where they’ll end up? How they’ll be sorted? Or what damage they could inflict on the environment? It’s just a harmless bag of clothes, right? Wrong!

Too many people have this mindset when discarding unwanted garments which is why £235m million worth of clothing ends up in landfill each year in the UK.

Unfortunately, clothes recycling isn’t commonplace yet, which is why many people still include clothing with their regular rubbish. Now that fashion is so accessible, the amount of unused or unwanted clothes is only set to grow.

If you’re a hoarder or just have clothes you no longer need or want, it’s worth recycling them. This has a whole host of benefits, not just for the environment but for your wallet too. Here’s our roundup of 5 Reasons why you Should Recycle Clothes for Cash.

  1. It reduces the ‘fashion footprint’

‘Fast fashion’ is something many of us in the Western World are accustomed to nowadays. Brands releasing the latest trends and season must-haves with tiny price tags has changed the way we view clothing.

What was once a valuable asset is now something we can buy and dispose of as soon as the next fashion craze comes in. Something we fail to consider when making these purchases is the damage we’re causing.

As brands and suppliers increase production capabilities to meet Western demands, new factories are popping up globally at a staggering rate. With each factory comes additional health, welfare and environmental problems. Do you think about the person who sewed your jeans when buying them for under £20? Or the amount of water it took to create that simple white tee shirt you’ll wear once or twice? The amount of resources and pollution caused to create the fast fashion we love is staggering.

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives claimed that each step of the current clothing life cycle is generating environmental and occupational hazards. A key concern in the study was polyester; the most widely used manufactured fibre in clothing. Demand for this material has almost doubled in the last 15 years and, as it’s made from petroleum, the amount of volatile emissions has also dramatically increased.

This is an issue that’s only set to grow and although recycling your clothes won’t solve it, you’ll be doing your bit to help reduce the fashion footprint.

  1. Minimalism

You might have stumbled across this term recently thanks to the flurry of new documentaries and books advocating a new minimalist way of life. Put simply, it’s to live a better lifestyle with fewer things.

There are varying degrees of minimalism with some opting to adopt a life stripped back of any material possessions like excess clothing, TVs and Cars. Whereas others simply choose to cut back on the number of possessions they have. Either way, it’s helped plenty of people to focus more on their health, live in the moment and grow as individuals, amongst other things.

Now, far too many of us don’t live by minimalist tendencies and are self-confessed hoarders.

You know the feeling… “oh, but my Nan gave me that top I never wear, how could I ever part with it?!”… “I know I’ll never use that hat but I’ll keep it just in case…”. Then you wonder why on earth your attic and drawers are full to the BRIM with clothing that never sees the light of day…

So, why not take on board some minimalist principles and turn in your clothes for cash? We’re not saying you have to give up your whole wardrobe. Just think about how much better you’d feel with some extra storage space, a wardrobe containing clothes you actually wear and a bit of extra cash.

  1. It saves much-needed space in landfill sites

Currently, over 300,000 tonnes of clothes go to landfill in the UK each year, a figure which is only growing. Through a lack of education, people are still actively including clothes with their general, non-recyclable waste. This all adds up and is contributing to the growing strain on the country’s limited landfill sites.

According to an article published last year, UK landfill space could run out in just seven years. This is due to a steady increase of waste being sent to landfill since 2012 and a declining capacity in UK sites. Although clothing only takes up approximately 5% of overall landfill space, it is still a figure that needs to be reduced. By recycling your unwanted clothes, you’ll positively impact this number and help to cut down non-recyclable waste.  

  1. You’ll make a little extra cash

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a little extra on the side then getting cash for clothes could be just the ticket! Recycling clothes isn’t going to make you rich but a little extra always helps. Instead of having a clear out and disregarding everything as rubbish, take time to sort through your clothes.

This way, you’ll not only help to reduce the ‘fashion footprint’ by preventing them from going to landfill, you’ll also benefit financially. Win-win, right? Just be sure to only include acceptable items, that way you’ll get paid correctly for the amount you send.

  1. It’s simple!

At Clothes Genie, we’ve designed a recycling process that is simple and hassle-free. We’ll send you everything you need and pick up your clothes, it’s that easy. All you have to do is request a free Genie collection pack here and we’ll send you everything you need.

We pay 50p per kilogram and will collect your clothes for free once you have a minimum of 10kg. Just be sure to double check what we accept on this page first. Once we receive your clothes, we’ll process your payment within 14 days of the valuation. You can find further details on how our system works here along with a simple form to help you get started.