To use PayPal as a method of payment you MUST use the email address that your PayPal account is registered with when requesting your clothes collection pack, otherwise you will not receive payment.

We do not accept responsibility for payments made to PayPal with incorrect email addresses as we ask for confirmation of your email address, including payment details and any changes that are required to be made via our confirmation emails on the four separate occasions prior to payment being processed.

For more information about registering your email address with PayPal please visit this link.

You may have to validate your PayPal account for any payments made to your PayPal account to show in your account. For further assistance in validating your account, please visit this link as we are unable to offer assistance in verifying your account.

If you do not complete the PayPal registration process within the 30 day period as stated by PayPal, which is necessary to receive payment, PayPal will return the payment to Please visit this link for information on receiving a payment.

As stated in the terms and conditions (7.3) online:

“We do not accept responsibility for payments made to PayPal with incorrect email addresses. The address provided when requesting your clothes collection pack is used to process payment with PayPal. As stated by PayPal, if a transaction is not claimed after 30 days, unclaimed transactions are automatically cancelled and payment will not be processed a second time by”

This rule is necessary as we deal with hundreds of payments on a daily basis with multiple payment methods available to our customers, with each payment being checked on a daily basis. If all our customers wanted to change their payment method we would not be able to cope with the costs incurred from the time taken to change and check such details and charges associated with the payment being returned. does not have any control over any fees charged by PayPal for the use of their service.

Changes to the fees incurred by PayPal are at their discretion, fees charged are dependent upon the terms and conditions that you have signed with them at the time of our transaction being made.

For more information about PayPal fees, please click “fees” at the bottom of any PayPal page.