If you are a first time customer to GenieRecycling.com you are only able to order ONE Genie Recycling Pack & that pack must be valuated prior to requesting more packs!

If you believe you require MORE than ONE FREE Genie Collection Pack you MUST contact a member of the Customer Support Team on 08432 897 442 between 10am-4pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).

We suggest that each customer only request ONE Genie Recycling Pack at a time to make sure that each pack is filled at least 10kgs or more for processing. Please note that each Genie Collection Pack can hold over +30kg (approx. 8 full bin bags) of clothing and is very strong and will not rip or tear.

IMPORTANT: We only accept clothing that has been delivered using the specific Genie Collection Sacks that we provide. We DO NOT accept black bin bags.