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The Money Saving (and Making) Apps That Will Change Your Life

As the saying goes, there’s an app for that, and with apps that make modern day life a hell of a lot easier are apps that save and even make us money. The technology we so heavily rely on these days doesn’t have to be a burden, money saving and making apps can be used by individuals of all ages to change their lives and make day to day activities more manageable. Whether you are saving for a last minute summer holiday or want to add to your rainy day fund, the following apps have all the potential to boost your savings pot, one aim we help our own customers to fulfil courtesy of our service for recycling clothes.

Job Spotter

With the potential to earn big money – up to £30 per hour to be exact – the Job Spotter app gives you the technology to earn and help other job seekers do the same. One of the UK public’s favourite past times is window shopping, just ask the thousands of customers that are recycling clothes with us every week. With this free app you can window shop throughout your local town centre and earn extra income in the process.

Launched by recruitment specialist, Job Spotter pays users to take pictures of more traditionally placed job advertisements. Whilst most companies and advertisers have embraced the move online to promote positions and job roles, many still use the time served shop window method, leaving numerous job seekers out of the loop. With Job Spotter, these traditionally promoted adverts are brought online so everyone has the opportunity to find the work that is right for them. As we mentioned, the advertisements can be uploaded with a simple picture, an action that earns the snapper points. Job Spotter users earn 5 to 150 points per ad, with the value of the advertisement coming down to a number of factors. As a rule, unique adverts from local, small businesses are worth more points than those promoted by larger companies across a multitude of locations.

Ready to earn extra income from your window shopping antics? Job Spotter is available to download from Google Play or the App Store.


From earning to budgeting money, the Chip app offers a simple way to manage funds. Better yet, it’s free and compatible with a wide range of UK bank accounts, including Barclays, HSBC, Santander, Lloyds, NatWest, Nationwide, RBS, TSB, Halifax, First Direct, Co-operative Bank and Metro Bank accounts. The app works by connecting securely with your online banking and from there gathers data about how you spend your money from day to day. Understanding how much of your hard-earned cash is spent where is a vital step in sticking to the strictest budget. Without this understanding, the most motivated savers fall at the first hurdle.

Chip provides a quick, easy and user-friendly way of automating money saving and achieving your goals. As well as utilising the most secure encryption methods to access your current account, Chip uses a unique, AI-powered algorithm to analyse spending habits, calculate how much you can afford to save and stash these funds away automatically. Are you one of the 2 million people currently stuck in a permanent overdraft? Chip works even when you’re overdrawn meaning you can build a savings pot to pay off your overdraft all in one go.

Get started with budgeting and saving money today by downloading Chip on Google Play or the App Store.


Earn a small fortune by testing the service of some of the best and biggest brands around. Mystery shoppers still play integral roles in perfecting the customer service offering of brands big and small, and thanks to app Roamler, the practice has gone digital. Roamler pays you for completing mystery shopping tasks in your city of choice, and has already become a popular money making option for students looking to concentrate on their studies but still earn extra money.

In addition to giving you the power to choose when and where you work, a fact that makes it a flexible money maker for people from all walks of life, Roamler is easy to use. The downside? Roamler is an invitation-only app, which means you will have to request an invite code from an existing Roamler user before you can get started. There are ways of getting a much-desired invite however. Putting the question out there on social media has meant the Roamler community has grown from strength to strength. Once you’re in, be sure to follow the instructions of each task carefully to ensure you earn money from every paid task you complete.

Visit the Roamler UK Facebook page to get involved in the mystery shopping community. Already secured an invite code? Download the Roamler app from Google Play or the App Store.


Just finished recycling clothes for cash courtesy of our service? Using the cash earned to fund next season’s wardrobe is a tack taken by many but you shouldn’t have to pay full price to get your hands on the latest styles. The VoucherCodes app is a must-download for those looking to save when shopping on the net. The app was launched by the UK’s number 1 voucher code and discount site, and is already a hit with customers across the country. Get access to codes, discounts, deals and savings on the go with thousands of brands you know and love with this easy to use app. You never have to miss an offer or discount again with customisable code alerts. Notifications come straight through to your phone as soon as they become available.

The VoucherCodes app isn’t just for online shopping. You can use this technology to search for local offers nearby with the app’s map-based discounts easy to locate whilst on the move. Whether shopping in person or on the web, you can customise your requirements further to ensure only handpicked discounts are displayed to you. Discounts and deals are also filed in easy to navigate categories, such as women’s fashion, travel, going out, home and garden, health and beauty, food and drink, utilities, and technology, meaning you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Discover great discounts wherever and whenever you need them by downloading VoucherCodes from Google Play or the App Store. Vouchercloud (download for Android or iOS) and HotUKDeals also give you all you need to live more and spend less.


If you have saved a healthy pot of money, knowing where to invest it for the best return is the ultimate challenge. Unfortunately, UK banks and building societies don’t deliver the best interest rates, which can make building an investment portfolio the best way to go. Moneyfarm offers an affordable wealth management service for those looking to find a convenient and easy to manage way of creating and keeping track of an investment portfolio. Users can get started in as little as 10 minutes and the platform has been deemed a cheaper, more hands-on route of earning money from investments that calling on a traditional financial advisor or using another investment platform.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. After downloading the app, you’ll complete a questionnaire. The questions asked and data gathered have been specially designed to establish a user’s appetite for risk and investment goals. From here you are categorised into one of six portfolios, which are rebalanced on a regular basis by Moneyfarm’s own investment committee in line with the latest market knowledge. Whilst with any form of investment, investing big money means big returns for those willing to take the risk, a Moneyfarm account can be opened with as little as £1. It is recommended that users invest at least £1,500 to take full advantage of the Moneyfarm service. The app itself is free to download. The cost of the service itself depends on how much you invest. There are no management fees for your first £10,000 of investment, whilst a 0.4 to 0.6% charge is applicable on investments above this figure. A further fee of 0.25% is also payable for the portfolio building service. Investments up to the value of £50,000 are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Moneyfarm is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Start your own investment portfolio today by downloading Moneyfarm via Google Play or the App Store.


Completing online surveys was just one of the methods mentioned in our 50 Ways to Make Extra Money in Time for Christmas guide. To complete online surveys you do however need plenty of time on your hands, particularly if you want to use this money making option to earn big. The Toluna app makes it easier than ever to earn money by taking surveys.

Like many money making apps, Toluna works on a points system, with the points accumulated available to be traded for gift cards, rewards or sweepstake entries. As with online surveys, Toluna uses your demographic information to rate your compatibility for surveys. Toluna offers a range of major and minor surveys, with longer surveys giving users the opportunity to earn over 2,000 points and taking up to 20 minutes to complete. Minor surveys are less lucrative, clocking up around 15 points but taking seconds to complete. Toluna isn’t the only survey app out there. Based on the latest research and reviews however, it is regarded the easiest to use and its surveys deemed the most accessible. Make extra money by becoming a Toluna member and completing online surveys. The app is free to download for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

PocketBounty is another top rated app that lets you earn cash and gift cards by taking online surveys. You can also earn by complete tasks and watching videos.


The loyalty card and voucher system is now heavily ingrained in the British shopping scene; this doesn’t make it any easier to remember to use them however! Our purses and wallets are packed full of these cards but unless we’re reminded at the checkout most of us wouldn’t think about using them. Stocard is an app that makes using loyalty cards and vouchers easy. It’s essentially a digital wallet, with the app storing all your loyalty cards in one, easily accessible place – your phone. With Stocard you do have to remember to ask the cashier to scan the relevant Stocard barcode available via the app to store your points, but it does free up space in those overly congested wallets and purses.

The Stocard app is top rated and free, and since its launch has been embraced by a number of retailers, including Matalan, Tesco, Nectar, Waitrose, Ikea, Costa, Holland & Barrett, and Superdrug. There are currently 25 million Stocard users, and thanks to it recently being dubbed the ‘future of mobile wallets’, numbers are swiftly growing.

Download Stocard on Google Play for your Android device or via the App Store for iOS.

Receipt Hog

Another item cluttering up wallets and purses up and down the country is the humble paper receipt. Despite many retailers embracing paperless transactions, giving customers the option to forgo the receipt or providing proof of purchase via email, paper receipts still have a place in society. The Receipt Hog app helps you to earn money from pointless paper receipts. The app prompts users to take pictures of their receipts, and receipts owned by other members of the household, to earn coins. Each grocery, health or beauty receipt can earn you between 5 and 20 coins, with the overall value dependent on the size of your purchase. You can only earn a maximum of 100 coins from your receipts per week. Other receipts permit you one spin of ‘Hog Slots’.

Hog Slots is a slot machine game which makes earning rewards from your receipts even more fun. The game pays out up to 2,000 coins per spin. All coins can be traded for vouchers, and each receipt also gives you entry to the monthly sweepstakes and the chance of more great coin bonuses. Not bad for a bit of paper that’s destined for the recycling bin!

Turn those receipts into cash and rewards by downloading the free app on the App Store or Google Play.

Looking to save even more money? Discover the top ways to save by reading our latest blog post. Don’t forget that recycling clothes via our service is a great way to earn extra cash too! Cut the clutter with a belated spring clean and cash in today.

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